What is IDHelp?

IDHelp is your personal online profile with medical, personal information and emergency contacts. If you fall into a crisis situation - rescue services, doctors and casual passers-by will be able to read the QR-code on your bracelet, card or pendant or enter your personal cabinet on IDHelp.net using ID-code and pin-code. They will be able to provide the necessary help and to inform your relatives and friends about what happened in a timely manner.


How to create your profile on the website IDHelp.net?

  1. Obtain any IDHelp product.
  2. Go to IDHelp.net.
  3. Click the button “Sign Up”.
  4. Enter your email address and a password.
  5. Receive confirmation of registration to your email address and click on the link to confirm your registration.
  6. Go to your personal account and fill out your profile with medical, personal and contact information.
  7. In the “Connect my ID” section, enter the ID-number and the pin-code from your product.
  8. Click “Save” - Your personal medical profile is created!


How many IDHelp products can I attach to my profile?

You can attach up to three IDHelp products to your profile on IDHelp.net - bracelets, cards, 3-Tag cards, pendants.


Do I have to pay for my IDHelp profile?

No, the profile on iDHelp.net is free.


Is there a guarantee for IDHelp products?

All IDHelp products have a guarantee period of 6 months.